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July 12th 2010

Two years later and it looks like I never did move forward using this webspace.

In my defense I have been in school, which is going well, thanks for asking. Speaking of asking, the reason I am back is due to a request for some of the solution sets for physics problems that my physics teacher is no longer able to host on his site. So now the are here.

While I am back, I may do some more stuff here as well. But that is all more than a little uncertain, so I won't say anything more for now.

JavaScript Mania
July 18th 2008

The past few days has been a JavaScript crash course and coding frenzy.

When I decided to add some awesome functionality to the site, I didn't realize I would end up writting much of it from scratch. But that's what needed to be done to get the features I wanted, and I wasn't about to let my lack of knowledge get in the way.

The good news is that this will give me plenty of content for the JavaScript section.

Making Something
July 15th 2008

The time has come for me to actually make this web space into something.

So far I have just done a whole bunch of internal tweaking and setup work, but I should have some content up in few days.

New Homepage
Early 2008

I have just started these pages and haven't really had time to add any content or make it pretty.

Soon I will try and figure out what exactly I want to do with this web space.

So far the RPMs I have packaged for PCLinuxOS 2007 are all that is available.

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